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The AirBnB of Parking Space Rentals

*Update* Curbflip now offers an Industry low 5% fee!

CurbFlip is the easiest way for you to rent out your extra parking space or driveway.  

We help drivers everywhere find great parking close to jobs, concert venues, sports venues, airports, beaches, and events.  

Traditional parking can be expensive even if you find a parking deck with unused space.  Parking for employment can be super expensive.  While you read this, 50 million drivers are looking for better parking deals.

Make money renting out your extra parking space. Your listing is free!  (And we help make it look pretty)

CurbFlip - A Parking Space Marketplace

The CurbFlip Guide To Safely Renting Out Your Driveway

When renting out your driveway, the following rules should always apply: 

You want a simple sign up process

You want to be able to sign up quickly with an email address or through a social network like Facebook.  You should be able to sign in even if you are not ready to rent out your parking space.  Sign up for top rated apps should take less than one minute.  CurbFlip allows for quick sign up, and unlike EVERY other parking app, you don't have to sign up just to see the spaces available in your area.
You want to be able to add terms

CurbFlip comes with basic rental terms that protect you and your space.  But let's face it, all parking spaces were not created equal.  CurbFlip gives you the option of adding additional terms to your rental agreement that will suit your specific parking situation.  Additional terms can include instructions for beach access, noise levels, where, when, or how to park.

Privacy is very important

You and each driver will be required to give personal information.  Your web browser should transfer this data to an app equipped with SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) for each domain and subdoman being used.  CurbFlip has an established privacy policy and will not sell your personal information.
You should be able to contact the driver about your parking space

If you are renting out your spaces weekly or monthly, you want an app that has a messaging system.  CurbFlip messaging gives you the option to contact the driver before, during, or after the transaction.  This gives you the opportunity to establish understanding and rapport.

You should be able to make your listing active or inactive

You want to choose when to rent out and when not to rent.  Holidays are great times to rent out your parking space but if you have family coming to town, you need your parking for family.  CurbFlip can make listings inactive (or active again) in real time.
You don't want to handle cash (Very Important)

Your payment transactions should be cashless for your safety.  CurbFlip is able to process any type of payment.  CurbFlip handles the scheduling, billing, payments, and collections for you, not a third party.  Payments come directly to you.

You want to be able to rate your drivers

CurbFlip is an app that has trust built in by allowing you to rate your renting experience with a driver.  You are allowed to write comments or view comments written by anyone.

You may want to think about more than just cars

If you have the space available, you should consider this, CurbFlip lets you rent space to more than just cars. Bicycles, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, campers, and boats also need parking.   
And finally,
You want to actually get your parking space rented

You can take advantage of the free marketing features offered by CurbFlip. For a personal touch, CurbFlip lets you add your own pictures of your driveway.  CurbFlip has integrated mapping software and social media so your parking space can be marketed, tweeted, or displayed to drivers nearby.  Plus if you are not marketing savvy, every listing is analyzed and improved to meet CurbFlip's marketing standards.

Meet and connect with others from the community.  Find great parking spots.  Share your unused parking space.
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