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Great descriptions are detailed and specific. List as much as you can about your space and why it's different from the rest. Detailed descriptions are the best sellers!

Nearby Events or Venues Tip: Also include city in "Listing Title" above.:
Near Airport
Near Bus/Train Station
Near Stadium or Concert Venue
Near University or Hospital
Near Lake Beach or Seaport
Near Major Employer
Near Tourist Attraction
Near Major Bar, Club, or Restaurant
Near Other Events or Venues
Additional comments (description) of venues or events nearby: List everything you can about the venues and event you've checked above. This is very helpful for drivers looking for specific things. Mention the name of the Hospital, Employer, Attraction, etc... You can include beach access with your beach parking rate.
Vehicle Types (Check all that apply):
Recreational Vehicles (RV)
Long Haul Trucks
Boat Slips
Additional comments (description) of what can park: List anything you would like to park in your location. The more the better. You can also list what you cant possibly park. Check your local regulations and home owner associations for restrictions.
Additional services:
Car Wash
Covered Parking
Gated Community
24 Hour Security
Electric Charging Station
No Additional Services
Other Parking Services
Additional parking Requirements or Terms: If you have specific requirements not already listed. Put them here. For instance, If you have a designated parking number, list it here.
Additional instructions to the driver: List any additional instructions like "Enter from Elm street" or "You must back in" or gate instructions.

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